The Church Loan Fund, Inc. was incorporated in 2010 to serve as a manager and administrator of church loans and to serve as an originator of first mortgage church loans to qualified congregations within the Church of God, an international religious denomination with headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee.

With the formation of the Church Loan Fund, Inc., all loans previously held within the Ministers' Retirement Fund were assigned to the Church Loan Fund and are no longer owned by the Ministers' Retirement Plan. As of July 20, 2010, the Ministers' Retirement Plan relinquished all responsibilities and obligations regarding the church loan portfolio and such were assumed by the Church Loan Fund, Inc.

While the Church Loan Fund began management of the existing loan portfolio in July 2010, applications for new loans were not accepted for processing until after January 01, 2011.

The Church Loan Fund, working through the loan staff at the Benefits Board, serves as a lender to churches seeking to borrow money. However, there are some very specific guidelines that must be followed before a loan can be granted. The guidelines and regulations are set out in the following documents: the Church of God General Assembly Minutes (primarily at S52), the Plan Document of the Ministers' Retirement Plan (including Board interpretations and regulations), the procedures manual for the Church Loan Fund, and the Internal Revenue Code. Since pension assets of the Ministers' Retirement Plan may be invested in the Church Loan Fund and used for church loans, very stringent rules and guidelines apply.

Additional information about the Church Loan Fund is available on the Application and Frequently Asked Questions Pages.

To obtain an application package for the Church Loan program, you may contact our office at (423) 478-7131 or toll-free at (877) 478-7190. You may also contact our loan officer by e-mail:

Angie Conine - aconine@churchloanfund.com

(877) 478-7190

4205 N Ocoee St, Cleveland, TN 37312, USA